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Power Duo

Duo To Strengthen & Correct
Try our #1 Brightening Serum
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Super Multi-Corrective Cream

Multi-targeted advanced anti-aging moisturizer

Total: Rp 1.070.000 - Rp 1.310.000

Multiple Sizes
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Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum

A skin-strengthening serum that helps protect against skin-aging stressors and visibly correct signs of aging.

Total: Rp 950.000

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Kiehl’s Power Duo: Best Serum and Moisturizer Products

Facial skin looks tight, free of fine lines and wrinkles with Kiehl's power duo skincare products. For a youthful looking face, Kiehl's specially formulated two anti-aging facial skin care products. Consists of anti-aging facial moisturizing cream that can improve signs of aging. In addition to moisturizing the skin, this anti-aging moisturizer product is able to lift, smooth, and restore the natural skin texture. This facial moisturizer contains a combination of natural ingredients of Jasmonic Acid, Beech Tree Extract, and the active ingredient Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid. Jasmonic Acid or Jasmonic Acid is an organic compound that is formed through the biosynthesis of free-linoleic acid. This compound is found in several plant species and is also present in jasmine oil. Inspired by the "signal molecules" released by plants to help activate self-defense, the compound Jasmonic Acid we use in our anti-aging moisturizer products helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines and improve skin elasticity. We also use sugar extracted from the Beech Tree to help make your skin feel more firm. Beech Tree Extract has been clinically tested to replenish your skin and make it more firm, so that your skin looks fresh and youthful. This anti-aging moisturizer is also equipped with the active ingredient compound Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid which acts like a sponge to attract moisture to the surface layer of the skin and then expands when it absorbs. Hyaluronic Acid is known for its properties that can help smooth the skin. This active ingredient is also used in skincare products that are formulated to help reduce the appearance of facial lines and improve texture. With regular use every morning and night, get healthy skin that looks fresh and glowing with KIehl's anti-aging moisturizer....

The power duo product that can support the performance of our anti-aging moisturizer is an anti-aging facial serum product that can strengthen your skin layer and is also able to prevent you from looking dull. Every day your skin is exposed to UV rays, pollution, and extreme temperatures. Not to mention that sometimes with very dense activities you become less sleepy, all of this can have a negative impact on your skin. This causes the skin to become dull, dry, dehydrated, appearing fine lines, and other signs of aging. Our formulas have been clinically proven to strengthen your skin, so that your skin is ready to face negative environmental factors. Kiehl's anti-aging serum can strengthen the skin from its deepest surface layer. We formulate a facial serum whose liquid can be easily absorbed up to the 8th layer of the skin surface. With a light and absorbent texture, this facial serum has been proven to be able to effectively disguise signs of aging such as fine lines, while at the same time refreshing dull and tired looking skin. Formulated with 11 kDa Hyaluronic Acid, which is our smallest form of Hyaluronic Acid and Adaptogenic Herbal Complex. Kiehl's anti-aging facial serum can absorb into the deepest surface layers of the skin and treat the skin from the signs of aging for younger looking skin. We also include Adaptogenic Herbal Complex in this amazing anti-aging serum. Adaptogenic Herbal Complex is an adaptogen blend that belongs to Ginseng Root, Holy Basil, and Schisandra Berry. These adaptogens work to protect the skin from stress while nurturing and resurfacing the skin's texture for a smoother and brighter appearance.