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Moisturizers and Eye Duos

Duo To Strengthen & Correct
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Super Multi-Corrective Cream

Multi-targeted advanced anti-aging moisturizer

Total: Rp 1.070.000 - Rp 1.310.000

Multiple Sizes
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Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream

A skin fortifying, wrinkle-reducing under-eye cream

Total: Rp 720.000

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Ultra Facial Cream

Discover our #1 hydrating moisturizer for all skin types, even sensitive. This ultra-moisturizing face cream strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier and provides 24-hour hydration for softer, smoother skin.

Total: Rp 375.000 - Rp 1.010.000

Multiple Sizes
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Kiehl’s Moisturizer and Eye Treatment Products

The key to getting skin that looks healthy and feels supple is the use of regular facial moisturizers. For maximum results, of course, we need natural facial moisturizers that are suitable for our skin types. Kiehl's has facial moisturizing products that are suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Kiehl's natural facial moisturizers are formulated with natural ingredients that have been clinically tested for use by oily skin types, dry skin, to sensitive skin. Facial moisturizing is one of the stages of facial care that you shouldn't miss. One of the most important skincare products acts as a provider of adequate nutrition and hydration for your facial skin, so that your face looks healthy, radiant and feels soft. The light natural facial moisturizer texture and soft formula are perfect for you to use in the morning before doing activities, so that your skin stays well hydrated throughout the day. Kiehl's moisturizing texture is light, yet able to keep your facial skin moisturized for up to 24 hours. This moisturizer formula that can be used for all skin types contains Glacial Glycoprotein and Squalane which comes from olives. That's why this moisturizer can instantly make the skin 2 to 3 times more moisturized, leaving skin looking healthy and soft. Its light texture makes it Kiehl's favorite moisturizer that absorbs into your skin very quickly. This moisturizer has even been tested in everyday environments with extreme weather. This is part of the benefits of the Glacial Glycoprotein content which comes from marine glaciers and is known for its ability to thrive in extreme climates. To keep your facial skin moisturised, one of Kiehl's facial moisturizers is formulated with squalane. Squalene is an oil that comes from olives. Squalane is known for its excellence in helping to strengthen the skin's moisture defenses, leaving your skin healthy and radiant....

Find a moisturizer with an anti-aging formula that is suitable for all skin types at Kiehl's. We formulate an anti-aging moisturizer that can improve the signs of aging. With sugar content extracted from the beech tree, this moisturizer can help make skin look more firm by lifting, smoothing, and restoring the natural skin texture of the skin around your eyes so that you look younger. Our anti-aging moisturizer has been clinically proven to significantly improve skin. This anti-aging moisturizer is safe for sensitive skin because we don't add fragrance. The part of the face that is most visible when the signs of aging appear are the skin around the eyes. Eyes that look fresh are everyone's dream. Kiehl's has a natural eye care cream that can help combat the effects of aging on the skin around your eyes. Environmental factors also affect the health of our skin. Pollution and free radicals can make us experience premature aging. Kiehl's formulates an eye care cream that can reduce wrinkles around your eyes. Using natural base material PCA copper and calcium PCA, which are important minerals that can stabilize collagen fibers and prevent collagen fiber degradation. Both of these minerals can also keep elastin in the skin, so that the skin moisture around your eyes is maintained. Another natural ingredient in Kiehl's eye treatment skincare is caffeine. The alkaloids present in caffeine act as a good stimulant. You can get bright, wrinkle-free eyes with Kiehl's natural ingredients eye cream. Get beautiful eyes that are fresh and glowing with Kiehl's natural eye care products.