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Eye Care

Duo To Strengthen & Correct
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Super Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum

The Super Smart 5-in-1 Solution for the Eye from Kiehl's

Total: Rp 760.000

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Midnight Recovery Eye

A restorative eye treatment for younger-looking eyes by morning

Total: Rp 650.000

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Best Eye Care Product from Kiehl’s

Healthy eyes are everyone's dream. However, sometimes a busy life makes us tired and as a result, our eyes become droopy. Dark circles under the eyes are inevitable. With the right eye care products, this can be overcome. Kiehl's has a variety of eye care products that can reduce the fine lines around your eyes and dark circles under your eyes. Kiehl's eye care products have also been shown to be able to shrink eye bags that form due to fatigue and lack of sleep. Don't let your eyes lose their radiance. Take care of the health of the skin around your eyes with our various eye care products that have been clinically tested to lift and tighten the area around your eyes. By using it for 4 weeks, you will get the skin around the eyes that is smooth and tight so you will look younger! We use natural ingredients in our eye care products. Apart from creams, Kiehl's also has an eye care serum with natural ingredients that can help combat the effects of aging on the skin around your eyes. Sodium hyaluronate contained in our eye serum can help moisturize and smooth the skin texture. We also use botanical extracts to reduce the signs of aging that occur on the skin around the eye area. Meanwhile, to treat dark circles under your eyes, we formulate illuminating minerals in Kiehl's eye care serum. The skin around the eyes that is smooth, firm and free of dark circles and eye bags will certainly make you look fresher and younger....

Dark circles and eye bags can interfere with your appearance. Sometimes activities that are too dense cannot be avoided, and it makes the skin tired too. Including the skin around the eyes. When we don't sleep enough, it will have an immediate impact on our eyes. Dark circles and eye bags will make our appearance not fresh. The natural ingredients in Kiehl's eye care cream can easily solve this problem. The lavender essential oil and evening primrose oil in our eye care cream can stimulate the skin repair process and maintain skin hydration and elasticity, thus making the eyes look fresher. The main ingredient Kiehl's uses is squalane, which is a pure botanical lipid that comes from the fruit of olives. Squalane is known to help replenish the layers of the skin to keep it soft, supple and moisturized. Environmental factors also affect the health of our skin. Pollution and free radicals can make us experience premature aging. Of course we really don't expect it. The signs of aging in the eyes include fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Kiehl's eye care products formulated with pro-retinol, vitamin C, and grape seed extract can be the right choice for premature aging problems. The natural ingredients in Kiehl's eye care products can help reduce fine lines around the eyes. With a light, soft, and easy-to-absorb texture, this natural eye care product can even be used in the morning before you apply concealer. The use of this product can also improve the results of using the concealer under the eyes to make it look smoother. Get beautiful eyes that are fresh and glowing with Kiehl's natural eye care products. With the right formulation, you don't have to worry anymore about the bad side effects that might occur.