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Ultra Facial Favorites Set

Daily skin care routine for smoother and hydrated skin

Total: Rp 1.210.000,00

Customer Review

Healthy Skin Essentials

Skincare routine to maintain skin moisture for healthy-looking skin.

Total: Rp 1.100.000,00

Customer Review

Smooth Skin Set

The daily care for a more even skin tone and a youthful looking glow

Total: Rp 2.300.000,00

Customer Review

Soothe Your Skin Set

Give a skin-soothing pampering moment with our soothing care routine for optimal moisture

Total: Rp 750.000,00

Customer Review


The Special Product Sets from Kiehl’s

For those of you who love practicality, Kiehl's have a set of natural beauty care products just for you! This combined treatment product from Kiehl's is a range of products that we have selected for you. Kiehl's provides several categories of care product sets that are tailored to your skin type and condition, as well as the skin problems that you are experiencing. For those of you who just want to join Kiehl's loyal customers around the world, and are still confused about which variant of the treatment product line is right for you, then Ultra Facial Favorite Set can be the right choice. As the name implies, this set of Kiehl's grooming products has become a favorite of our loyal customers. Consisting of facial cleansing cream, gentle toner that soothes the skin, facial moisturizing cream, and moisturizing cream for your body's skin so that you get moisturized skin as smooth as silk. This combined treatment package recommended by Kiehl's loyal customers can also be an interesting gift idea for your loved ones. Because the formula is safe and suitable for all skin types. Kiehl's also provides a combined product containing basic facial care products that can nourish the skin thoroughly. A combination of basic care products for healthy skin containing facial cleansers, facial moisturizing creams, eye care creams, and non-alcoholic toners with Calendula flower herbal extracts. This care package for healthy facial skin also has a gentle formula that is safe and suitable for all skin types. So you don't need to hesitate if you want to give it to someone you love or yourself....

Kiehl's combined grooming product package is wrapped in a beautiful box that pleases the eye. The question of the effectiveness of the combined product in a beautiful box, of course, doesn't need to be doubted. Founded in 1851 as a homeopathic pharmacy, Kiehl's maintains its original principle of using natural ingredients that are friendly to the health of your skin. Kiehl's does not use chemicals that can harm its customers. Using natural ingredients provided by nature doesn't make our grooming products take a long time to work. You can get the results from Kiehl's beauty care products in a relatively short time. Not a few customers even claim that the effects of Kiehl's products can be felt from the first use! The benefits of Kiehl's combined products, which are packaged in a beautiful box, are a perfect memorable gift. Not only women, but our male customer no less. Because healthy, radiant skin is the dream of everyone, men and women. Especially if you can get healthy skin from care products that have been trusted for a long time and use natural ingredients as well. The many benefits, the safety of ingredients that have passed dermatological testing, and a beautiful packaging, are certainly enough to occupy a special place in the hearts of your loyal Kiehl's customers. Experience the superiority of Kiehl's beauty care product set on your skin. Apart from being practical because it has been packaged in a complete basic care package, the benefits of skincare made from natural ingredients from Kiehl's can certainly occupy a special place in your heart, our loyal customers. Beautiful box packaging for Kiehl's care product sets is also able to please the eyes and deserves to be given as a memorable gift for your loved ones.