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The Special Product from Kiehl’s

Want to learn more about the ingredients and benefits of Kiehl's treatment products? Or want to find the right formulation for your skin problems? Kiehl's provides information about the ingredients in our product specifically for our loyal customers. We invite you to learn more about our latest innovative products, so you can optimize your skin health care. Kiehl's consistently continues to innovate to make a wide variety of products, so that it can meet the nutritional needs of all skin types, and can be a solution for your various skin problems. Founded in 1851, Kiehl's does not stop providing innovative care products that are suitable for environmental conditions from time to time. The skin problem that often occurs today is premature aging caused by pollution and free radicals. For those of you who often do outdoor activities, of course this is difficult to avoid if you don't use care products that are able to ward off pollution and free radicals. Kiehl's understands your desire to be free, but still has a healthy glow. For this reason, we continue to innovate to provide the best product benefits for you. Work or activities carried out indoors also have a bad effect on skin health. A comfortable cold air conditioner is not always comfortable for your skin. If you stay in an air-conditioned room for a long time, your skin will lose moisture and lose its natural moisture over time. This not only causes problems for dry skin, but also for those with oily skin. Due to the lack of hydration, oily skin will actually trigger excess oil production. That's why Kiehl's innovated by creating a moisturizing cream that can hydrate your face for 24 hours! That way your skin will feel soft and supple all day long, even if you are often in an air-conditioned room. The skin looks radiant and you will look younger....

Products with extraordinary benefits can also bother you sometimes. Why? For example, not all special eye creams can provide comfort like our eye cream products made from avocado oil. Some eye creams are able to provide the moisture needed by the skin around the eyes, but the product residue can enter your eyes and cause a sore feeling which is certainly uncomfortable. For this reason, Kiehl's has innovated to make an eye cream that can absorb quickly into the skin, so that no product residue has not been absorbed and gets into the eye and causes sore eyes. Kiehl's also innovates a highly concentrated serum to make your skin look younger in just one night! We realize that at nighttime sleep is the perfect time to use a serum with high concentrations. Because that's when skin cells regenerate. This means that during sleep at night our skin is in the most receptive state to repair itself. That's why Kiehl's innovated to create a high concentration of anti-aging serum, the results you can enjoy in just one night. The innovations that Kiehl's team do are to improve product performance that is better than before, so you can be free to do activities without worrying about the health of your skin. Kiehl's wants you to trust your skin care to us. That's why we don't stop innovating for the sake of convenience and maximum results for you.