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Jumbo Sizes

Duo To Strengthen & Correct
Try our #1 Brightening Serum
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Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

A fast-acting serum that diminishes dark spots and visibly evens skin tone

Total: Rp 495.000 - Rp 1.245.000

Multiple Sizes
Customer Review

Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion

A unique facial toner for use on oily-prone areas

Total: Rp 450.000 - Rp 645.000

Multiple Sizes
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The Special Jumbo Sizes Product from Kiehl’s

Your love for Kiehl's care products will of course be appreciated. Kiehl's jumbo size beauty care products are ready to accompany your day in caring for the health of your skin! Kiehl's loyal customers must have experienced for themselves the benefits of natural ingredients that are blended into beauty care products by Kiehl's. In each of Kiehl's jumbo-sized treatment products, there are great properties for the skin. Kiehl's uses ingredients provided by nature which are then mixed in our laboratory to become products that are rich in nutrients and able to meet your skin's needs. We also make a range of beauty care products that can solve your various skin problems. The need for facial skin for toner is very high. Because to maximize the work of the serum on your facial skin, you have to make sure that all the dirt that sticks to the pores is removed, also with make-up residue. The job of the toner is to clean the remaining dirt that remains on your face after you wash your face with a facial wash or facial foam. When all the dirt on the face has been removed, the serum will work properly and you will get satisfying results too. Namely a radiant healthy face. Kiehl's non-alcoholic toner with Calendula flower extract has been a favorite of our loyal customers for a long time. Not only to be able to clean the remaining dirt after washing your face, toner with Calendula flower extract from Kiehl's can also help soothe inflamed and irritated skin. Not only toners, some of Kiehl's grooming products are also meant for daily use, so we make Kiehl's daily care products in jumbo sizes!...

We present a jumbo-sized beauty treatment from Kiehl's to accompany your daily skincare. The care needs that are used daily, as well as a long service life, have made us present several jumbo size beauty care products for you. Kiehl's jumbo size products, with less cost you can also save your time so you don't have to make frequent purchases. Apart from facial skin care products, we also have hair care products in jumbo sizes. Kiehl's has natural based shampoos that are safe for your hair and scalp. So it is safe if it must be used every day. The moisture from coconut oil and great burdock root can prevent you from getting a dry scalp due to using shampoo every day. Meanwhile, tea tree oil and cinchona or quinine are effective in treating scalp problems. Of course, we present this hair care product that refreshes and moisturizes the scalp in a jumbo size package, considering its frequent use or included in daily care. Get the benefits of Kiehl's various beauty care products in jumbo sizes to nourish your skin. In a jumbo size package, of course you will also get jumbo benefits too! You can easily get healthy facial skin, body, hair as long as you take care of it every day. With proper nutrition, as well. Using the right ingredients, all your skin problems can be resolved. In addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the health of our skin also depends on care products with ingredients that are safe and pass dermatological tests. So that we no longer need to worry about side effects that are bad for our health. Take care of your skin with the natural ingredients in Kiehl's beauty care products.