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Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash

An efficient and energizing face wash

Total: Rp 455.000

Customer Review

Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub

A “refueling facial buffer” that re-energizes and smoothes skin

Total: Rp 505.000

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Facial Fuel No-Shine Moisturizing Lip Balm

A moisturizing lip balm for men. 

Total: Rp 245.000

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Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream - White Eagle

A brushless shave cream that provides a sensation of fresh shaving

Total: Rp 440.000

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Facial Fuel Energizing Moisturizer

A vitamin-enriched and energizing non-oily facial moisturizer

Total: Rp 480.000

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Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream – Blue Eagle

An unscented men’s shave cream for sensitive skin.

Total: Rp 375.000

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The Special Product from Kiehl’s

Everyone is looking for healthy, smooth, and radiant facial skin. Therefore, both women and men must take care of their facial skin, just like any other part of the body. One of the things that can be done for that is by using skin care products. Unfortunately, some people still do not understand that choosing skincare products is important. Careless use, especially inconsistent, will give less optimal results. Another mistake is applying to various stages of skincare products from different brands. For example, for sunscreen from brand A, then for moisturizer from brand B, then day cream and night cream from brand C. Likewise with products such as serums, toners, and others that can be selected from various beauty brands. The question is, is it possible to combine skincare products from various brands for one series of treatment stages? There are no restrictions, but it’s better to not combine one brand with another. Because usually the basic ingredient formula used by each brand is different. Maybe some people have no problem with that, but the others don't. This can happen because of the diversity of each individual. There are those whose skin is not problematic even though they use several brands, but there are also those whose skin is sensitive and even hypersensitive and cause allergies. Therefore, you should only use one brand. Now finding a "pair" of products is very easy. Usually on websites, related products will be included in the same category. For example at Kiehl's. You can just search for products based on "collection". For Ultra Facial products, for example, you will find two products, Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Mask and Ultra Facial Cream. These two products are of course complementary and it is recommended to use both of them in order to get maximum results. There is another in the Crème de Corps collection, where in it you will find two products, namely a body moisturizer with a rich, non-greasy, and hydrating texture. Crème de Corps and a gentle and fragrant exfoliating cleanser, Crème de Corps Soy Milk and Honey Body Polish. The use of both of course will give maximum results to keep the skin smooth, soft, and moisturized....

In addition, there is also a collection for men, the Facial Fuel collection. For men's facial care, you need a cleanser and moisturizer. In this collection, there is a facial moisturizer that is non-greasy and enriched with vitamins, Facial Fuel and an efficient and energizing facial cleanser, the Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash. Next is the Amino Acid collection for your hair care, with natural ingredients formulated by professional experts. In this collection, there are Amino Acid Shampoo products made from natural ingredients that can clean and soften hair. This Amino Acid Shampoo creates a rich, creamy lather for a pleasant shampooing experience. Then for maximum results, this collection also includes Amino Acid Conditioner, which is a daily conditioner for all hair types. Formulated with Wheat Protein and Amino Acid for a light and soft texture, this conditioner can give the hair a healthy shine and balance the benefits of the Amino Acid Shampoo so that moisture can be naturally preserved and strengthens and makes hair easy to style.