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Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant

An unscented, gentle yet optimal anti–perspirant and deodorant cream

Total: Rp 290.000,00

Customer Review

Cross-Terrain “24 Hour Strong” Dry Stick

Clinically demonstrated odor and wetness protection

Total: Rp 390.000,00

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Stay Away from Body Odor with Kiehl’s Deodorant

Prevent body odor with Kiehl's deodorant. Heavy activity and hot weather can cause us to sweat. When our body temperature rises, we sweat. Sweat will appear when we exercise. When exercising, our body temperature will rise and make us sweat. Sweat works to cool the skin and also releases heat from our body. Actually, sweat is odorless. However, when sweat mixes with bacteria, eating sweat will smell bad. Bacteria use sweat as a means of growth. When sweat is absorbed by the clothes we wear, the unpleasant smell will be even more smelled. Therefore it is very important to use a deodorant as prevention. Use Kiehl's deodorant after every shower to stop the production of excessive sweating in your underarm area. Not only bacteria in our body that can trigger a bad smell when we sweat, but certain foods can also cause a bad smell of sweat. Examples are spicy foods and foods containing garlic. With Kiehl's deodorant that's not a problem. Besides being effective in providing 24-hour protection from sweat and odors, the formula can also make the underarm skin feel soft, calm and moisturized. We also make Kiehl's deodorant reduce underarm sweat production for maximum absorption. Kiehl's deodorant also leaves no residue. With a mixture of orange, lemon, and linseed extracts, your underarm hair will feel softer, making shaving easier. Its delicate aroma is so loved that it has made this product one of the customers' favorites....

Kiehl's deodorant is formulated with aluminum chlorohydrate, propylene glycol, and natural ingredients Witch Hazel. Aluminum Chlorohydrate is an aluminum salt used to make antiperspirants or deodorants. Meanwhile, Propylene Glycol is an ingredient that provides moisture to facial skin care. In Kiehl's deodorant product, Propylene Glycol functions as a humectant by absorbing water from the air. These organic compounds can also penetrate the top layer of the skin well. We also use Witch Hazel which is traditionally used for the topical treatment of insect bites, minor cuts and scrapes. Witch Hazel is a solution containing extracts from the leaves and bark of the Hamamelis Virginiana plant. Witch Hazel contains KIehl's deodorant to cleanse and soften your underarm skin. This content is also anti-free radical. We also have a deodorant variant in the form of a stick. Our deodorant sticks have been clinically proven to prevent sweating and eliminate bad odors. By utilizing proven absorbent micro-molecules, this stick deodorant provides a "dry-clean" feel to reduce sweat and odors. For men who like fresh deodorant scents, Kiehl's has an anti-perspirant and deodorant for men that can protect against body odor and sweat for 48 hours. Protect your body from bad odors and excessive sweating with the content of caffeine, vitamin C and zinc in Kiehl's male deodorant. This roll-on deodorant is very easy to use and also dries quickly. Kiehl's understands men need a stronger deodorant because it has more active sweat glands than women. That's why Kiehl's presents a special deodorant for men with a fresh scent and dries quickly so it doesn't feel sticky. Protect your body from bad odors with Kiehl's deodorant which has been clinically tested to be safe for your skin.