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Creme de Corps


This antioxidant-rich oil is known to improve skin’s smoothness and suppleness to improve overall texture.

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Provide skin with all-day hydration.



Nurtures skin while cleansing.



All-day care and protection


Best Kiehl’s Body Care Product

Have smooth and soft skin with Kiehl's body care products. Kiehl's body care products collection contains ingredients that are safe and have been clinically tested. From soap to body lotion, you can get it here. Have a fun bathing experience with Kiehl's bath soap. With its formula that is gentle on the skin and its refreshing fragrance, you will enjoy your shower sessions every day. Kiehl's has an exfoliating cleanser inspired by customers' favorite products since the 1960s with the same variant, Creme de Corps. Cleansing products that can exfoliate dead skin cells on your body at the same time contain soy milk and honey, which are known for their superiority in making skin feel smooth and supple. Can take care of your skin and stay healthy with the content of real honey, and soy milk protein. In addition to cleaning dirt and oil on your body, this exfoliating cleanser is also able to accelerate the regeneration of your body's skin so that the skin feels moisturised and smoother throughout the day. For guys who love practicality, Kiehl's also has 2-in-1 product grooming products you'll love. Formulated in the form of a body cleansing product, Kiehl's hair provides a refreshing sensation. Enriched with caffeine and vitamin C & E to refresh the scalp and body. Meanwhile, we also include Menthol and Zinc in this body care product to give freshness to the skin and make your scalp and body moisturized and fresh. Apart from that, we also have bar soap with a special scrub for men. This scrub bar soap can thoroughly cleanse the skin and remove dead skin cells. It is formulated with Bran and Oatmeal. The content of oat bran, oat kemel, and pumice that we use in this product can help smooth rough surfaces on tougher skin areas, such as the elbows and heels. Its fresh aroma is loved by Kiehl's customers. Make your showering more enjoyable with Kiehl's body and hair cleansing products. You don't need to worry about bad side effects, because all body care products from Kiehl's have passed clinical trials. ...

After your body is perfectly clean, it's time to moisturize your body with Kiehl's next treatment, which is body lotion. Creme de Corps, which has been popular and has been a favorite since the 1960s, has a rich texture but does not leave a sticky feeling. With its rich texture, the most popular body lotion is able to provide adequate nutrition for your body and also hydrate the body all day long. This care product is enriched with Kiehl's unique skincare ingredients for all skin types. We have other variants of body lotion that are no less effective. Formulated with a blend of Moroccan Argan Oil and Argan Leaf Extract, this body lotion helps with skin institutionalization and nourishes the skin's defense system. This content of organic Argan Leaf Extract comes from the Argan Tree and contains natural polyphenols which have been shown to have antioxidants that are good for the skin due to their protective properties. These various variants of body care products from Kiehl's will be a daily and fun companion. With regular use every day, you will feel refreshed and your skin will become smooth.